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Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. (シチズン時計株式会社, Shichizun tokei Kabushiki-gaisha) is an electronics company primarily known for its watches, and is the core company of a Japanese global corporate group based in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to Citizen brand watches, it is the parent of American watch company Bulova, and is also known for manufacturing small electronics such as calculators.


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Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Where should I begin? As a new hire if you are sick, you are not eligible to use sick time until like 3 months after you start. Hello?! It’s Covid-19. They just don’t give a s***! Nepotism runs rampant, HR is terrible. The favoritism is so obvious and the whole work environment is fake AF and toxic! Do not say anything, as it will only work against you! There’s zero morale. Ex gang bangers are employed there, not college educated, have zero ambition, they’re lifers. There’s no room for growth. Oh, did I mention MICROMANAGING IS OUT OF CONTROL. You will be fk’n stressed, so not with the hourly wage. Trust that they’ll blast you, humiliate you, and Cc: the dumb managers on every email and then fire your a**. Someone needs to file lawsuits against them! And please fire your incompetent management.Going home!Toxic. Nepotism. Terrible Management. Horrible HR."

Warehouse Associate/ merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Not my favorite company to have worked. I wished it had been more friendly and the training experience was more pleasant. I had reached my full potential there as well."

Accounts Receivable Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management Micro management Scare tactics Take good ideas and run with them with no credit given Never given credit for good work Accused for errors not responsible forNoneAlmost everything"

Sales rep (Former Employee) says

"Management tries to make you do drugs to work longer hours! Terrible place!nonethe mgn"

Customer Relations Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Actually job is easy to do. It’s repetitive nothing to it. Management has been here over 15 years so they lack basic management skills. Favoritism is out of control and obvious. The attendance policy is ridiculous if your late or leave early three-five times in a month you will get written up and fired. If you have a life out side of work like children or a family to take care of they will let you go (that is for certain people only) . HR is for the company only so don’t think you can go to them with any concerns. And there’s no opportunity for growth. Pro you have the weekends off. NO team moral at all and don’t make a mistake you will get a email with management Cc: every time. Overall very stressful and it does not have to be but this their culture.Weekends offManagement, micro managing, NO team moral"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They're extremely lenient with salary workers coming in late and leaving early without it affecting the pay, but for hourly you're out of luck. The HR team actively refuses to own up and fire under performing upper management and instead putting them into a 'development coaching' while they just choose to let go of their underperformimg associates. It's another retail store that emphasizes being busy at all times which really just means clean and reclean everything.Bad management, no autonomy, breathing down your neck"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I sat in the lobby and did my work and even asked was there anything that I could do while sitting there, I was given more work and I did get along with the other co workersdiscount on watches once a yearwould not give me more hours and i was only p/t"

Third Key Manager (Current Employee) says

"At Citizen Watch Company, the chain of command is so insignificant that there is no opportunity for growth unless a new store is opened and you are selected to be the store manager. The pay is also very low compared to competing companies. The benefits are constantly changing. The hours you work per day are always changing.Fun environmentLow pay"

Mail Room Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Responsible for managing all aspects of mailroom tasks including picking up, receiving, and distributing packages.Shipping packages using in-house computer tracking systems for both domestic and international mailings.Sorting and distributing mail to all internal departments.Handling of all time sensitive materials, such as confidential and urgent packages.Maintain logs and reporting documentation. Keeping Director of Operations informed of any issues and suggest new creative ideas to increase efficiency of mailing taks.Various administrative tasks including customer service, invoicing, and ordering office watchesnew management"